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Visitorkit 2.0 – Engagement Focused Web Analytics

When you signup or log into Visitorkit today, you’ll see a lot has changed! A slightly new look and an easier way to understand your website analytics. Visitorkit 2.0 introduces a new data model, that specializes in measuring how your visitors gradually build interest before taking action.

Visitorkit 2.0 is a reset back to the original idea for the product. Back in May 2021, the Early Preview of engagement score was launched. (A number calculated based on visitor clicks, scrolling, and time-on-page.) This first iteration offered more than just more ways to display a pageview count.

New Engagement Metrics

Attentive: Interacted (Click / Scroll) and stayed on the webpage longer than 15 seconds.

Engaged: Interacted (Click / Scroll), visited another page, and stayed on the webpage longer than 60 seconds.

How is Visitorkit from other Analytics?

Other services like Google Analytics offer many views to see what’s happening. Visitorkit tells you what works and what needs to be fixed. It helps you get more conversions and build better websites.

Visitorkit is a simpler and faster way to optimize your website. It’s easy to set up and gives instant value. And you can ditch unnecessary consent banners because the product is still 100% GDPR compliant.

New Dashboard

The entire dashboard has been designed around engagement and less on page views and other vanity metrics. The new score is shown on everything from visitor location to a per-page level.

The new dashboard is broken out into multiple sections:

Overview: Mostly the same as before. This time around it includes the top page, top referrer, and top page.

Sessions: See the last 20 user sessions in order. See which pages they visited and see how engaged they are.

Audience: The Audience tab explains where which sites your visitor comes from and where they’re located.

Content: A new tab for breaking down analytics per page. See user engagement per web page visited. Perfect use for understanding a new feature page or blog post for example.

Goals: In 2.0 goals have been redesigned to be added in the dashboard without the need to set them up with code. Simply enter a URL and conversion will be collected from the past and going forward.

2.0 also features a refreshed design. Still clean, still easy to use, but with new cohesive style elements. Dark mode coming soon.

This new release will help pave the way towards creating better web analytics for everyone. Thanks for checking out Visitorkit.