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What Are UTM And REF Url Tags?

UTM and REF codes are bits of text you can add to a link that tells Visitorkit & Google Analytics (and other Analytics Platforms) about an online marketing campaign. Web analytics software may attribute parameters to the browser’s current and subsequent sessions until the campaign window has expired. Here’s a sample of what one looks like: or

UTM tags can be placed at the end of any url.

Why are UTMs important?

UTM codes help you track the performance of each of those links so you can see where your traffic is coming from and attach it to a campaign (Fall fashion campaign for example).

Research by 33across found that 82% of online sharing is done by copy-pasting URLs. This means that UTMs stick around and can give misleading data for cross-platform social media sharing.

UTM codes and Visitorkit lets you identify how well your ad campaign is generating leads, sales, downloads, email sign-ups, and other key actions for your business. Quickly understand the return on investment (ROI) on an ad cost. Take action by adjusting campaigns with many clicks and few conversions.

Out-of-box Visitorkit automatically analyzes traffic from all social media networks and search engines. How well is your Facebook traffic doing?