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Go Beyond the vanity metrics. Understand Visitors.

Engagement Score

Understand with a single number how effective your web pages are by using key metrics like page scroll, time on page, clicks, and more.

No credit card required. GDPR Compliant.

Visitorkit Website Analytics


Your website visitors interacted (Click / Scroll) and stayed on the webpage longer than 15 seconds.


Your website visitors interacted (Click / Scroll), visited another page and stayed on the webpage longer than 60 seconds.

Simple Dashboard

See pageviews, visitor locations, social media traffic and more in one simple dashboard. All plans feature unlimited websites.

Top Content

See what content is the most popular on your website and how that changes over time.

Discover what attracts attention

See the pages that capture attention so you can deliver the right information to your users at the right time.

No Code Tracking

Our light-weight SDK takes less than 5 minutes to integrate for out-of-the-box metrics. Get analytics all automatic, no-code after setup. Get started in minutes.

Weekly Email Reports

Opt in to weekly emails give you all the insights about your analytics in a 2-minute read.

No credit card required. GDPR Compliant.


Industry Defining Features

Who is visiting your webiste?

Website Analytics

No notices or consent forms annoying your visitors or complicated privacy policies outlining how your analytics is collecting personal data.

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Is your website slow?

Webpage Performance

Which pages are the slowest? Across all features, Visitorkit provides load time for every piece of content.

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