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Visitorkit displays the top ranking articles, pages, and more, so you can better understand user behavior and grow your business with confidence. The All-In-One-Solution for serious Tumblr bloggers and webmasters.

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Tumblr Website Analytics

Simple & Powerful Web Analytics

Visitorkit is the all-in-one Tumblr analytics solution for site owners. We provide everything you would need to know about your Tumblr site visitors: demographics, location, time spent on your site, exit rate, popular pages and posts, most popular backlinks, most viewed videos on your homepage and more.

Visitorkit includes a beautiful dashboard delivers data to you in real time as visitors view your website.

Our technology doesn’t use cookies, so you won’t need an annoying cookie consent banner taking up half of your page.

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Tumblr Website Analytics Plugin


Real-Time allows you to monitor activity as it happens on your Tumblr website. The reports are updated continuously and each hit is reported seconds after it occurs.

Simple Dashboard

See pageviews, visitor locations, social media traffic and more in one simple dashboard. All plans feature unlimited Tumblr websites.

Top Content

See what content is the most popular on your Tumblr website and how that changes over time.

Engagement Score

Understand with a single number how effective your web pages are by using key metrics like page scroll, time on page, clicks, and more.

No Cookie Banner

No notices or consent forms annoying your visitors or complicated privacy policies outlining how your analytics is collecting personal data. Privacy Manifest