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Privacy Policy

Khabin LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“we” “our” or “us”) is an independent marketing technology company that offers intelligent, data-driven advertising and marketing services and solutions to help big and small companies accelerate their growth (“Services”).

Visitorkit is 100% GDPR compliant. By using Visitorkit software, you don’t need to have prompts, notices or consent forms annoying your visitors or complicated privacy policies outlining how your analytics is collecting personal data. And your visitors are free to use your website without distractions.

The product is focused on protecting the digital privacy of website visitors. It’s in the DNA of how this business was created.


The Visitorkit embed script (a javascript file) is loaded from our global content delivery network (CDN). This means that the file loads rapidly from a server sitting in a city closest to you. Typical load times are around 30 milliseconds.

Once the script is loaded, a pageview request is sent to our servers in the United States. This will contain details about the page you’re on and the website that referred you. The browser will also send our servers your IP Address and User-Agent (which contains details about the browser you’re using and device type). Our technology doesn’t use cookies, so you won’t need an annoying cookie consent banner taking up half of your page.


The GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, is a piece of regulation that came out of the European Union and completely shook the world. You likely remember when it first landed, and the business world was panicking about compliance. Some people think it’s a law that’s overreaching, whilst others were incredibly grateful that lawmakers stepped in to protect their digital privacy.

We’ve been working with GDPR (and compliance with it) since we started our business. And yes, it is a good amount of work to get everything in order, but it’s an incredibly fair piece of legislation. When you dive into it, it’s obvious that the lawmakers wanted to leave flexibility in place for businesses whilst protecting the digital privacy of data subjects.

We focus on the intent of the GDPR. The fundamental goal of the regulation is to protect the privacy of EU citizens. With everything we do, we ask ourselves whether it poses any risk to our customers’ website visitors.

(IP Address and User-Agent) are dumpped after proccessing. IP look like 182.121.XXX.XXX which can’t be tracked back to a person. You can’t identify a person with any of the data collected by Visitorkit.

Is Visitorkit GDPR Complian? 100%

Data Ownership

You own your data if you use Visitorkit, period. Although your site analytics are stored on our cloud servers (making them fast to load), you are in complete control and fully own the analytics data we collect for your website.

  • We don’t share or sell your website data, ever, for any reason
  • We don’t provide your website data to any third-parties
  • We sell software, not data, so your data is paid for when you pay us for your Visitorkit plan (we don’t have to sell it to advertisers because that’s not how we make money)

Changes to this policy

  • April 23, 2021: First published