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Powerful website analytics. Visitorkit enables you to make data-driven decisions quickly, and build better websites.

Visitorkit integrates with dozens of ad networks, making it easy with one SDK. Close the loop and send conversion data back to those networks to track and attribute app campaign performance across sources with postbacks to optimize campaign performance.

Add to Your Website
Website Analytics


Real-Time allows you to monitor activity as it happens on your website. The reports are updated continuously and each hit is reported seconds after it occurs.

Simple Dashboard

See pageviews, visitor locations, social media traffic and more in one simple dashboard. All plans feature unlimited websites.

Top Content

See what content is the most popular on your website and how that changes over time.

Standard JS Library

Our light-weight SDK takes less than 5 minutes to integrate for out-of-the-box metrics. Custom events lets you tailor tracking to your unique website.


Visitorkit is aligned with Apple when it comes to privacy. No need to show an App Tracking Transparency banner.


What Cookie Banner?

Our technology doesn’t use cookies, so you won’t need an annoying cookie consent banner taking up half of your page.

Visitorkit is 100% GDPR compliant. When you use Visitorkit you don't need a cookie banner. The Product is focused on protecting the digital privacy of website visitors. It's in the DNA of how this business was created unlike Google Analytics,, and Improvely.

All The Features

Learn why Visitorkit is a different kind of web analytics service you need to know about.

Simple Dashboard

Your dashboard shows you all the most useful information about your website like top content, top referrers, top actions, and more.

Live, real-time analytics

Get insights into what’s happening live on your website, where people are visiting and where they’re coming from.

Engagement Score

Understand with a single number how effective your web pages are by using key metrics like page scroll, time on page, clicks, and more. Learn More


No notices or consent forms annoying your visitors or complicated privacy policies outlining how your analytics is collecting personal data. Privacy Manifest.

Easy Setup

Visitorkit easily integrates with all content management and software tools, such as Wordpress, ReactJS, Webflow, Drupal and more.

Secure & Redundant

On-demand, auto-scaling servers will never slow your product down. Endpoints located around the world to ensure fast page loads.

Top Content

See what content is the most popular among your audience and how that changes over time.

Weekly Email Reports

Opt in to weekly emails give you all the insights about your analytics in a 2-minute read.

Get Started in Minutes

Visitorkit easily integrates with all content management and software tools, such as Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Vue and more.

Step 1

Copy Visitorkit JavaScript into your website code, use the NPM Package, or install the Wordpress Plugin. See all integrations.

Step 2

Visitorkit automaticly track pageviews and campaigns. With a few lines of code you can track conversions or anything else with custom events. See documentation.